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Urdu Words List "ت"

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Urdu Words List Starting with Letter "ت"

On This Page Visitor can get a list and Common Searched Word or Familiar Words Related to this Alphabet.

It Improve Vocabulary and Command on Displayed Word.

Urdu Words English Meaning
تا بندگی lucidity
تابعدار Allegiance
تابعدار Obdient
تابوت coffin
تابوت لے جانے والی گاڑی hearse
تابوت گاہ feretory
تاثر پزیری receptivity
تاثراتی رپورٹ reportage
تاثیر efficacy
تاثیر بخش efficacious
تاج Crown
تاجر trader
تاجر trafficker
تاخیر prolation
تاخیر demur
تاخیر Late
تاخیر posteriority
تاخیر postponement
تاخیر کرنا proprogue
تاخیر کرنا procrastinate
تاخیری procrastinative
تار Wire
تار برقی آواز نگار telephonograph
تار برقی سے منسوب telegraphic
تار دار stringed
تار ٹوٹا ہوا incontigous
تار چشم purblind
تار چھاپ telotype
تار کی خبر telegram
تارا پتھر star-stone

Roman Urdu To English Dictionary

Roman Urdu is commonly used in messages of computer or mobiles, but it is written by the same English alphabet. This method of writing is being used in different people who do not know English properly or grammatically...

Urdu To English Dictionary

he prime focus of this dictionary is on English to Urdu meanings and from Urdu to English translation. Moreover, visitors can get meaning of English by using Roman Urdu words through English alphabet similarly Urdu words require Urdu keyboard, which is available on the page.