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Urdu Words List "م"

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Urdu Words List Starting with Letter "م"

On This Page Visitor can get a list and Common Searched Word or Familiar Words Related to this Alphabet.

It Improve Vocabulary and Command on Displayed Word.

Urdu Words English Meaning
مئمتااز noted
مئی May
مئی مہنے کا پھول May-flower
ما بعد کا postilminiar
ما قابل تاریخ prehistoric
مائع Liquid
مائل inclinatory
مائل ہونا refer
مائل ہونا gravitate
ماتا کا رن pock-hole
ماتحت subaltern
ماتحت subordinate
ماتحت ، ذیلی ancillary
ماتم mourning
ماتم wailing
ماتم پرسی condolement
ماتم کرنے والا mourner
ماتمی راگ dirge
ماتمی کپڑا sackcloth
ماتمی گیت threnody
ماتمی یا سانپے کا باجا dead march
ماتھا frontispiece
ماجرا occurence
ماجرہ Affair
ماجرہ Affair
ماجرہ Affair
ماحول Environment
ماخوز کرنا indict
ماخوز کرنا implicate
ماخوز کرنے والا indicter

Roman Urdu To English Dictionary

Roman Urdu is commonly used in messages of computer or mobiles, but it is written by the same English alphabet. This method of writing is being used in different people who do not know English properly or grammatically...

Urdu To English Dictionary

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